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Turner & Su was founded in 2017 by two Engineers who shared a common passion in designing, Online Retail, and helping others achieve their goals.  We are now a team of 15 consisting of a warehouse team, graphic design team, and marketing/sales team.

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Matthew is our Online Retail and wholesaling guru.  He has over a decade  of hands on in the trenches experience in E-Commerce sales.  Matthew started selling products online with only $600, and these efforts developed into a thriving internet based businesses he built from the ground up.  Matthew's years of hands-on experience give him invaluable insight into all aspects of running an E-Commerce based business.   His passion for working with people and networking is what has allowed him to create strong business relationships and an expansive network in Ecom.  Matthew has grown in E-Commerce during their biggest booms and has vast knowledge of the industry at large.


Jeremy Su is an entrepreneur, business mentor, and co-founder of Turner & Su. Over the last 8+ years, he has specialized in product design and marketing. He holds a Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering from the University of Texas at Arlington and has worked in several industries including robots, home goods, and concert lighting. As a Project Manager, Jeremy has designed robots to perform household tasks and as a Project Design Engineer created world-class automatic stage lighting that has been featured on Broadway, the Super Bowl, and many other events around the world. Currently, he focuses on developing branding and marketing strategies to create impactful brands both online and offline.

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