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Have a great product idea, but don't know where to start? Perhaps your product sells well retail, but you do not have the time or expertise to sell on Amazon? Just want to learn about increasing sales on Amazon?


At Turner & Su, we take out the guesswork out of establishing your product on Amazon and offer the following services:

  • Product Page Audits​

  • Partnership opportunities with brands and distributors

  • Consulting to help you get your Amazon business on the right track



We aim to put our client's needs first and are interested in quality before quantity.  We provide a wide range of services in order to provide the most value to our clients and partners.  If you have a brand with a selection of products, we buy in bulk and leverage our Amazon expertise to drive the most sales for your products.  Growing brands need a strategic partner that can simplify and maximize their sales on Amazon.  We can provide the following services for growing brands.


  • Simplify Chanel Distribution on Amazon

  • Optimize Listings to Maximize Sales and Conversion Rates

  • Manage Customer Reviews 

  • Run Effective PPC Ad Campaigns on Amazon

  • Keyword research and keyword audits.


If you would prefer to run your own E-Commerce store on Amazon we offer consulting services (see below). You can choose what best fits your needs for your business.  We only go where we can add value and will provide a free consultation before beginning any business relationship. 



We offer consulting services to help train staff on Amazon marketing, Amazon PPC, listing optimization, Amazon infrastructure, and more. You can choose what best fits the needs of your business.  Don't go it alone when starting an Amazon business.  Learn from those who've already made the mistakes you are likely to make.  Start off with the right tools and the right expertise to ensure maximum success.



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